Sunday, July 15, 2007


AM: 2:03 :: 18M

I could tell right away that this run was going to be about simply finishing it. Yesterdays workout sapped me pretty good so I just let the pace mingle along most of the run. Surprisingly for as "bad" as I felt at the outset, it didn't get much worse. I stopped at all the water fountains on the route out along Minnehaha Pkwy, around Lake Harriet, and back. That provided a few breaks to catch my breathe, although it must not have been a busy day on the Pkwy, because I had to pump pretty hard. Also, it seems like all the marathon training groups are putting water stops out there for their people. I was supposed to do strides after my run today, but due to dead legs and time constraints I passed.

LINK (The National Anthem)
Marvin Gaye
Carl Lewis. Like the running and jumping, not so much the singing.
Hendrix @ Woodstock
Oh well, I wasn't voting for her anyway...
Radiohead, just because...

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