Thursday, July 12, 2007

So Slow

AM: 1:18 :: 12M (incl 1200m alt 200s)
PM: 58 min :: 8+M (incl "hard" 1600, 800, 400, 200)

Almost all traces of post-race soreness were gone today. Little twinges, here and there, but nothing major. This afternoon my original plan was to run 12x400 at 72-74 just to get a little intensity in. It has been over week since I've done a "workout".

Well I decided to run up to St Thomas in order to get in some extra volume, but it turns out there was a Summer League track meet. Plan B, which really wasn't a plan at all, was to just run back home and throw in some fast stuff along the way.

Along the River Rd I ran one of my marked miles hard. I then kept running my normal route and when I got back to the west side of the river I ran a hard 800 on the bike path. I finished up at the track with a 400 and then a 200. Splits for the hard runs were:

1600 (mile): 4:38
800: 2:21
400: 64.6
200: 30.9

Only the mile was really strained. Everything else felt hard in a good way. I can tell it woke my legs up a little bit. Good thing too, I have one of the MP/T workouts on Saturday and those are real ball-busters.

This makes me feel old

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