Thursday, July 05, 2007

Running...For Now

AM: 14M
PM: 6M (incl 1600m of alternating 200s)

Two good, but rather tense runs. I'm starting to worry a little bit about the lower ab/groin pain I've been experiencing. It is sore when I run, but doesn't restrict any movement. The worst is the day to day living (sneezing, rolling over, etc). Pete, who is experiencing something similar, did nothing help allay my fears by throwing around the phrases "sports hernia", "specialist at Mayo", and "time off".

I'm still thinking it is simply a psoas problem, which I've had before but which has never persisted this long. I have another appointment with Folske tomorrow and it is my hope that a little TLC is all I need. I'm rounding into form finally and it would be shame to be forced to take a break at the moment.

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Mike said...

I've often had a problem with my lower abs-groin-adductor area, and it hurt like hell when I coughed or sneezed. For me it got worse when I slept on my side, so I stopped doing that.

Eventually it just went away, though it does come back in varying degrees every once in awhile. I call it "mystery pain number two", and I worry it's an inguinal hernia. The few sports PT's I've talked to have basically told me that if it is a sport's hernia to run with it until I can't run with it, and to keep surgery as a last resort.

Hallen said...

Hey Pat-

Have been dealing with the same persistent pain that you have been describing for over a year and finally had a repair for Sport's Hernia on June 29th. Drop me a line if you want to compare notes if you are considering going down the surgery road.

C: (763)913-2588

Patrick said...


I'll probably be dialing you up in the near future if I decide that the PT route isn't helping what's ailing me. Hope you have a speedy recovery!