Friday, July 06, 2007

Ready To Go Offroad

AM: 5M

After all the hard work the past couple weeks, I figured I deserved a nice easy day. Also there are 31 hilly miles to cover tomorrow.

Ron Paul on This Week (ABC) on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

PR, it's Matt G. I would bet my right testicle (because it's the smaller of the two) that you have a sports hernia. You should get it fixed before too long. You can be back in a few weeks time.

WynnMan said...

great job PR, I was working an aid station yesterday. Well done on a tough day as always out at that course.


Patrick said...

Matt - that's confidence for you! I'm going the PT route for now because it seems to be helping some, but at some point I will have to get a pro to look at it. "Luckily" it seems like a common injury of late so there should be a lot of people to relate their own experience.