Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Too Eager

AM: 6M
70 min :: 8M@ Tempo Pace +12 sec (5:28); 2M wm/cd :: 12M

I finally got my first workout in using the miles I marked along the River a week ago. Warming up I felt pretty loose, but unsure how the run would go. According to Daniels Running Formula my workouts should be based off a Vdot of 69 for now. That calls for a threshold pace of 5:16/mile. In the new edition of the book, however, he adjusts threshold pace based on how long the run(s) will last. For an 8 mile threshold run lasting 40-45 minutes he recommends adding 12 seconds per mile to the prescribed pace. That put me around 5:28/mile.

I ran down to Minnehaha Park and the Veterans Home loop to warm up and then hit the "starting line". I came through my 1/2 mile mark in 2:35. I figured I would be out fast as I tried to find the right pace/effort balance. I backed off a little over the next half-mile, but still came through 1 mile a little fast. My splits for the run:

1 - 5:16
2 - 5:30
3 - 5:18
4- 5:23
5 - 5:20
6 - 5:27
7 - 5:26
8 - 5:23

I was all over the place the first half of the run. It was hard to back off early on because I was afraid of making the workout too easy. Once I got in that rut it was hard to break out of it. Oh well, it is only the first workout. I'll try to do a better job of easing into the next workout. During the second half of the workout I attempted to focus on running as relaxed as possible. I kept telling myself I will need to run a little bit faster than this for a full marathon. Scary thought.


And to think, I just use mine for situps
"I am Mclovin" Can't wait for August 17.


Gregg said...

That's the beauty of JD's workouts...you will progress without feeling hammered and soon be training at a Vdot of 70-71 and that pace will seem less daunting. The one guage I used after these types of workouts was the next day or two. You shouln't feel sore at all. If you are, you're running too hard. I'll enjoy the next 18 weeks as much as you do PR. Somewhere down the road I will be jumping in the middle of this training cycle as I prepare for the 10 miler at TCM. Have Fun!!

Loomdog said...

Great feedback from Gregg. I have experienced the same thing. When I run a threshold run too fast or even on a day I feel like crap but force myself to RUN the PACE, I feel the workout the next day or two. But If I run relaxed and run the pace or a touch slow I hardly feel it and recover fast. One workout flows into the next and mentally I kept thinking I won't be able to do x more miles at this pace, but a month later I was.

Having read you blog for 6 months now, I bet you will feel "cheated" by some of the workouts...like they are too easy to be helpful. Resist that thought... do 4-6 striders afterward, but don't run more miles or do them faster.

Remember your millions of blog readers will be just waiting to see how the next workout went.

good luck