Monday, June 04, 2007

Seeking Something Softer

AM: 14M

Out and back to Lake Harriet again. I'm getting pretty familiar with this route, but it hasn't gotten boring yet.

The trail to Fort Snelling doesn't open again until June 29 so I haven't gotten to run down on Pike Island much. I've been craving some trail lately. If I was still in Duluth I would pretty much be running in one of three places everyday: Chester Bowl, Rock Hill, or Hartley Field. I think I might try to run out at Afton this weekend if I can make it work Sunday. Gotta dust off those Highlanders soon, I don't want to get blown away on the Appalachian Trail at JFK.


Who knew George Michael was so funny.
Don't mess with Dharma
New Harry Potter spoiler: date rape


Chad said...

A group of us ran down the closed bike path to Pike Island on Saturday. When we got to the bottom of the trail there were 2 rangers there. They were perturbed, but didn't do anything about it.

Ever run Lebanon Hills?

Patrick said...

I have been meaning to get to both Lebanon hills and Battle Creek parks. Unfortunately I've wasted the past couple of "dry" weeks. Now with all the rain in the forecast it will probably get pretty muddy out there.

I'm wondering what their going to do to the Fort Snelling trail. I suppose I can always get in there by running across 5 from St Paul.

I definitely have to start mixing up my routes some.