Friday, March 09, 2007

Pain In The Butt

AM: 67 min :: 10+M

Still pretty sore this morning. It seems to mostly in my hip and butt. I ran the River Rd this morning since it was over 30 degrees when I got up. The trail is still pretty slick. I suppose that is something we'll have to deal with for the next couple of weeks - melting and freezing. I have to say it is pretty scary coming down the hill by Summit Ave to see sheer ice ahead of you. I did the figure skater move a couple times (step with one foot and slide for five feet). Still, I'm not complaining with temps going up. I'll deal with the hassle.

I thought about running this afternoon, but I'm really tired of everything aching. No more hard fast stuff until the next training cycle. I need a full bout of hill work and strides before I'm ready to handle 2's and 4's workouts like Wednesday. This week is tanking pretty hardcore. I'll try to salvage it this weekend. Better to have it now than a month from now.

Its getting hot on The Office

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think logically for once! said...

I'll tell you how I got rid of virtually all my aches. I joined the YMCA. They have a great hot tub, big enough for me to stand in. I simply did a lot of stretching exercises, esp. on my hip flexors.I was so beat up that it took 2 weeks of treatment, but now I just maintain it my going about twice a week. Also, I walk, walk, walk in the pool. It all sounds so simple, but it greatly helped my running to be pain-free. Good Luck