Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Others

AM: 2:05 :: 18M

The legs felt good after the run yesterday. The nice long hard run seemed to flush the system of the malaise that had set in earlier in the week. It seemed like a good day to go longer and easy so I joined up with Ed, Kelly, and the rest of the Run N Fun crew over at Derek Phillips house. It was certainely easier to get today's run in with a group. The pace was relaxed and we managed to make it through the whole run without anyone falling on the ice.

Then I watched Wisconsin get man-handled by Ohio State. It wasn't a blowout until the end, but the Badgers never gave the impression that they were going to make a run. They just haven't been making shots and Tucker has disappeared the last couple of weeks. That said, I still have them going to the Final Four in my bracket. Picking them to beat Florida in the Elite 8 was quite a stretch, but I don't want to be rooting against them.

March Madness is here.

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