Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness With The Sports Guy

If you're at work and bored or just looking for a laugh I recommend ESPN's Sports Guy "March Madness Running Diary". It reminds me of college.


Eric said...

Nice win today, in what looked like some difficult conditions.

I'm like a caveman, frightened and confused by the quality of your training and racing, all in the context of your focus being the 100k. That just blows me away.

Keep at it.

The March Madness link was a good one. Like a good episode of MST3K.

Patrick said...

Thanks Eric.

RE: racing and training for 100km. I'm of the opinion that running is running. Training for a 5k is like training for a 10k is like training for a marathon is like training for an ultra. Points of emphasis may differ slightly.

Case in point: Master's runner Sonya Anderson-Decker. She is running her first 100km at the US Champs. She just broke 30min today for the first time (29:46). All off of ultra "specific" training, which is really just running specific training.

I guess my point is don't think you won't run fast at the short distances if you're training for a marathon.

Of course this is all dependent on the level of competition. I won't be running 14:00 5k's off this training. But then again I probably won't run 14:00 5k's off any type of training.

Re: your training. Looks like it is going excellent. I the time you run at Fargo is going to blow your mind. Don't fear the reaper!