Sunday, March 25, 2007

Katie Returns

Put the legs up and relaxed today. Katie got back from New Orleans about 9:00 this morning. She had a great time and discovered the stress-relieving joy of punching a crow bar into drywall. Oh, Bourbon St. as well. It was also interesting that she reported things were still wet 18 months after the hurricane. I can't imagine. I like living on high ground.

Everything felt pretty good today considering. The weather is so great that I was tempted to go run, but I promised myself I wouldn't go over 90M this week and I reached that yesterday. A promise is a promise after all.

The Mad City 100k is really coming together. There are 53 solo competitors as of this morning, with high quality fields on both the mens and womens sides. There are also 22 relay teams (2-10 runners) registered. Race Director Tim Yanachek really put his behind out there in organizing this event and its nice to see his hard work rewarded.

Two weeks to go.

Talk about heart burn! (ha ha, thank you very much)

New time waster: Rings and Sticks

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