Friday, February 16, 2007

Captain Insano Shows No Mercy

AM: 65 min :: 10M
PM: 3 sets of 5 x 150 Hill Sprints; 1:20 rep rec/3:00 set rec; 5M wm/3.5M cd :: 10M

Headed out from work early today to get my workout in before the Snowshoe Open meet over at the UofM Fieldhouse. I got a nice long warmup in before running my "sprints" on the hill behind Coffman Union. Its a convenient place to do a workout because someone (Gopher CC/Track?) has marked out every 50m on the hill. It felt good to get up on my toes for a change, even if I didn't feel that fast.

Waterboy clip
Scammers get a taste of their own medicine (with a little help from Monty Python)

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