Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Red Line

AM: 64 min :: 10+M
PM: 6 x 1200m (3:32 avg/3:29 last); 3 min rec; 3M wm/4.5M cd :: 12M

Another VO2max workout tonight. I decided to build upon the 800s I did last week, running the same pace. Thankfully, when I was at the Snowshoe Open last week Brad Wick pointed out that they have 400-1400m marked in Lane 6 at the UofM Fieldhouse. With the nice weather there were almost no people running so I decided to give it a go.

The first two were 3:34 and I had that usual sluggish feeling. I think these workouts would be a little more comfortable if I were able to do stride-outs more frequently. With the weather changing and more outdoor running in the future, I will have to work on this. Three and four were solid 3:32s. I gave myself an out that if the workout got too hard I would cut it at five reps since that would be about the same volume I did last week. After running 3:31 for number five I was pretty close to calling it a day during the recovery jog. This is always a tricky area, what is too hard? I mean the workout is supposed to be challanging right? I just turned my brain off for a bit and eased into number six. I hit 800m on about the same pace I had been running the others (2:21). I pushed the last 400 to finish up in 3:29.

That was about as hard as I had run a workout in a long time. I was gassed. After a little jogging I started to come around, but I could tell I had "redlined" it tonight. Next week I'll go back to threshold work and then continue the progression with 1600m repeats the week after. Good times.

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Evan said...

Very useful information. No need to measure the width of the lanes! Thanks!

Chad said...

Pat, you might be interested in this interview with Scott Jurek.