Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Got Shoveling Skills

AM: 1 hr 55 min :: 18M
PM: 58 min :: 10M

Let it snow, let it snow. A lot of running today. A lot of cross-training too (shoveling). I got a good hour of snow removal in before the morning run and another hour clearing the remainder afterwards (never knew we had so much sidewalk). Katie and I then braved the city streets to meet up with my sister and Tim at the Uptown Diner for lunch, followed by some study time (or Macbook time. Either or) at Dunn Brothers. Returning home we were treated to a nice little surprise: the girl living in the other half of our duplex decided to take advantage of our cleared out parking spot in the driveway behind our house, forcing us to find a spot on the street. Considering she did not lift a finger to shovel an inch of our property, we found it rather presumptous of her to park in a space we worked hard to clear. So I got in a little more shoveling in, clearing out a space on a side street and then hopped on the treadmill for another hour. Given the amount of energy I had expended throughout the day and no Sunday nap (harsh), I thought I would be more tired than I was. On the contrary, I cruised along at 5:50 pace like it was nothing. Good news: the miles are paying off.

Also, a belated congratulations to Andy on getting into the biotech Masters program at UW. Pretty smart, eh?

And if we go down, we go down smurfing!
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