Monday, February 12, 2007

Active Recovery

AM: 67 min :: 10M

A rough one this morning. My legs were definitely feeling the effects of back to back long runs. I managed to get through it. With class on Monday nights I'm limited to one run in the morning unless I sneak out for an hour run at lunch. That won't be happening until it warms up a little bit. Anyways its sort of a built in recovery day. I got a 95 (A) on my first accounting quiz. I indeed inverted my P/E ratio on one problem and then I forgot to log "Cost of Goods Sold" in another transaction. Other than that, I guess I understand Chapters 1-3. Like you care. You're just here for the thrilling running talk.

Tech Support in the middle ages
Sad, strange, not very subtle UNKLE video (good song though)


Kurt said...

dude parts of that video are super funny to me because of having a 6 mo. old at home who LOVE to drink milk with mom. I had to laugh !!!!

Eric said...

Hey...thanks for the link. Interesting blog. You've run some very fast times. Good luck with your training, and feel better soon.