Sunday, January 14, 2007

Week of Jan 8 - 14

Week Total Miles (Year): 112 (217)
Long Run: 22

Another week in the books. I'm really just taking each day as it comes right now, with only a general idea of what I want to accomplish. Running wise things are looking great right now. My motivation is good. Things at work are getting better as well. I'm adjusting to my new position, but it is hard to balance that workload with the duties I retained from my previous one. Hopefully they hire someone soon to take those over. I decided to take a class on financial reporting at Carlson this semester. That may add a little stress to my life. As a staff member I can take classes for free and at will provide a good background for my job now. If I like it (in a relative sense of course) I'm considering taking more accounting classes and maybe even getting another undergrad. Then what? CPA? I don't know. I can't possibly be that boring can I? Also, coed at age 30? I'm sensing Old School here. Soon I'll be running naked through the quad...

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