Sunday, January 28, 2007

On The Seventh Day...He Ran 15 Miles

AM: 98 min :: 15M

Tired this morning, but could be worse considering. I could of gone longer, but I just didn't have the motivation (I was on the treadmill). Still, I made sure I got over the century mark for another week. It seems stupid to play the numbers game, but I do derive a lot of confidence from seeing triple digits in the running log. Even with the mileage totals I've tallied so far, I need to go higher after Rocky Raccoon. I would like to reach 130-140 mpw, but I'll settle for 120 if means more quality (tempo runs and intervals). As I read that last sentence all I can think about is that that first 100 mile week I ran back in college. Misty water-colored memories....of the way we were.

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