Saturday, January 13, 2007

Me Run Fast One Day

AM: 2:45:00 :: 22+M

Ran easy with the GEAR group this morning. This was my first time meeting some of the team members even though I've seen them at many of the local races. The intensity was definetely down from what I usually do, but that was a good thing today. It was nice to just go out there and relax and enjoy running with others. I do so much of my training alone that running in a group every once in awhile helps recharge my batteries. It sounds like Sonya is going to run the 100km champs if she can make the Easter weekend schedule work. It is funny to hear her express doubts about the distance and then find out she has been doing 3+ runs regularly. I think she'll be fine.

LINK (This American Life theme for your Saturday)
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