Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm Not Forrest. And I'm Aware That I Am Running.

AM: 4:00 :: 36.5M

Lots to think about on this run. My future for example. Plenty of time to hash things out. As far as the run, it went alright. This was making up for the short run on Monday. First three laps went pretty well. I felt strong and my fueling was going smoothly (no GI distress, etc). Lap 4 got progressivly harder (as it always does), but I trailed off precipitously the last 30 minutes. No worries though, the first long, long run of the year and the most important thing at this stage is what I like to call T.O.F.: Time On Feet. I was still running for 4 hours.

LINKS (Music on my IPOD for 4 hrs)
Diamond Nights (working up my list of favorites)
Underworld (My number 1)
Obligatory OK GO
Classic John Spencer Blues Explosion

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