Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Feeling Like A Hamster

AM: 67 min :: 10M
PM: 65 min :: 10M

I'm finding my groove on the treadmill now. The first couple of runs seemed to last forever, as is the common complaint about treadmill running. But the more runs I do, the easier it gets. I've gotten good at breaking the run down into 10 min segments, increasing the pace at the end of each one. I usually end up cranking it down the last 5-10 minutes (5:30 - 6:00/mi) to stretch out the legs. One thing I will admit about the treadmill is that it does seem harder. Its probably a mental thing, but when I'm running 9 mi/hr (6:40/mi) pace it feels like I'm having to put forth more effort than outside. I do have the treadmill incline set at 2% to account for wind resistance and terrain. I like the treadmill because I feel my runs are higher quality this time of year. It does make me look like a wuss as far as Minnesotans go.

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