Monday, February 27, 2012

Help Me Run FANS

On June 2, I will be participating in the FANS 12 & 24 Hour Races at Lake Nokomis. I will be entered in the 12-Hour Event with the goal of running a speedy 50 miles. While I'll be the one out pounding the pavement getting dizzy, I need your help to get to the starting line.

About FANS

Each year the 12 & 24 hour races are the sole source of funding for the FANS Project Scholarship Fund. FANS stands for Furthering Achievement through a Network of Support and has a mission of sending inner-city youth to college or other post-secondary institutions. The FANS program offers:

  • A scholarship to any post-secondary institution that accepts the student.
  • Workshops in sexual responsibility, employment readiness, post-secondary readiness, community service opportunities.
  • The FANS Leadership Club which promotes leadership skills and civic involvement.
  • Goal setting guidance: developing and completing individual action plans.
  • A summer dream trip, paid for through student-initiated fundraisers, that rewards their commitment to FANS.
  • Post-secondary support services such as ACT prep classes, college tours and assistance with applying for grants and financial aid.

About the FANS Project Scholarship program

FANS Race Entry

Entry into the 12 & 24 hour races is obtained by gathering donation pledges to the FANS Project Scholarship Fund. Donations can be made on a per mile or flat amount basis. The race organizers ask for $250 in pledges for each entrant, but it would be great to go above and beyond. With the current funding, FANS gives up to $500 per school year towards college to students who fully participate in the program. That's a good start, but we all know that the cost of higher education is growing faster than the FANS coffers.

FANS 12 & 24 Website

How To Sponsor/Donate

Since we're all using our debit/credit cards now, you're probably looking for a good way to use up those old fuddy-duddy checks you have stuffed in your desk drawer. Well, I'm here to help you reduce your paper check overstock by one.

The math is pretty simple. My goal of 50 miles means a pledge of 25 cents per mile would add up to a donation of $12.50. Twenty people donating 25 cents per mile would get me to the minimum required for entry into the race. 50 cents per mile is a $25 donation. And so on. We're not talking a lot of money, but it goes a long way. Plus it's tax deductible.

To make a pledge just send me an email/Facebook message with the following info: Name, Address, Phone/Email, and Pledge Amount (per mile or flat amount). I'll submit the pledge form with my race entry. After race day, the FANS crew will contact you to collect the pledge. Easy.

If you're really itching to get those checks used up (and you have faith in me to complete 50 miles in 12 hours) you can donate ahead of time payable to "FANS Project Scholarship Fund." I'll include your generous donation with my pledge sheet.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you choose to donate. It's a really great program run by very hard working folks.

If you're in the area you should come out and cheer on the runners and walkers. I'm taking the easy way out by doing 50 miles, believe me. There will be folks looping around Lake Nokomis for 24 hours June 2- June 3 and it's quite an event to witness. As with any event this big, they're always looking for volunteers. Check the race website for more information on helping out with your time.

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