Monday, June 01, 2009

Building Momentum

Monday, May 25
Race: Brian Kraft 5k, 15:17, 7th?, 3Mwu, 2.5cd
(4:47.2, 4:48.7, 5:05.6, 35.4)
8.0M (8.0)

Tuesday, May 26
a.m. 48 min Road
7.0M (15.0)

p.m. 70 min Trail
9.2M (24.2)

Wednesday, May 27
a.m. 42:30 Road
6.1M (30.3)

p.m. 4x1 mile, 3min rec, 3M wu/cd
4:46.1, 4:47.8, 4:46.8, 4:43.1 (4:45.9 avg)
10.0M (40.3)

Thursday, May 28
a.m. 47:30 Road
7.0M (47.3)

p.m. 43:30 Trail
5.6M (52.9)

Friday, May 29
a.m. 35:30 Road
5.1M (58.0)

p.m. 3x3M, 800 rec, 2M wu/1M cd
5:13.2, 5:14.8, 5:13.5 (15:41.5)
5:15.1, 5:11.0, 5:11.2 (15:37.3)
5:13.4, 5:13.8, 1:34.7 (11:51.9) *2.3M
11.3M (69.3)

Saturday, May 30
a.m. 67min Road
10.0M (79.3)

Sunday, May 31
a.m. 2:21:20, 10M@ MP+60 sec, 10M@ MP, 4M@ MP+60 sec
10M: 63:59
10M: 53:52.1 (5:28.5, 5:27.9, 5:27.5, 5:18.7, 5:22.3, 5:25.6, 5:23.3, 5:20.7, 5:18.0, 5:19.4) 5:23.2 avg
4M: 23:26.6 (6:02.8, 5:48.0, 5:49.4, 5:46.4)
24.0M (103.3)

Total Miles Week: 103.3
Total Miles Year: 1726.3

After reviewing my results from previous years at Brian Kraft I realized that maybe this years result wasn't so far off. 15:15, 14:36, 15:25, 15:02 - up and down. I still don't quite know what happened the last mile. It just seems like I should be strong, but not necessarily fast. Did I overextend myself the first two miles? It didn't feel like it, but time to move on.

I did manage to come back with a pretty solid week of workouts and volume. The mile repeats were uncomfortable, but I still managed to finish strong. I cut the workout short on Friday because I was going over the edge a bit. Also I kind of did a stupid thing the week before. Katie is on a softball team and I jumped in to play, realizing I needed to be careful that I didn't hurt myself. I was managing pretty well, but I stepped funny while rounding a base and my foot came up sore. Its right in the arch/ball area, but its starting to get better - no harm done. But it was still bothering a bit during the 3x3 so I figured I had enough work in.

Sunday I turned in a really strong marathon pace workout - actually a bit faster than marathon pace. We finally had a day up here that wasn't gale force winds so the effort felt more even. The most surprising part of the workout was how comfortable I felt during the 4 mile "cooldown". I was really easing up, but still running ~5:50/mile. A great way to end the week.

This was the easiest feeling 100 mile week I've done yet so I'm hopeful that I've timed my fitness right for Grandmas. 3 weeks to go.

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