Monday, May 04, 2009

After Further Review

Monday, May 4
a.m. 38 min Trail
5.0M (5.0)

p.m. 60 min Trail
8.1M (13.1)

Tuesday, May 5
a.m. 49 min Road
7M (20.1)

p.m. 70 min Road + 5xstrides
10.2M (30.3)

Wednesday, May 6
a.m. 33 min Road
5.0M (35.3)

p.m. 6x1k, 2:00 min rec, 3 mi wu/cd
3:00.3, 3:02.6, 3:03.1, 3:02.0, 3:02.7, 2:57.2 (3:01.3 avg)
10M (45.3)

Thursday, May 7
a.m. 48 min Road
7.0M (52.3)

p.m. 64 min Road + 6xHill Sprints
10.0M (62.3)

Friday, May 8
a.m. 35 min Road
5.1M (67.4)

p.m. 2x3M, 800m rec, 2M wu/2M cd + 4xstrides
15:35.6 (5:11.7, 5:13.7, 5:10.1)
15:20.5 (5:12.1, 5:05.2, 5:03.2)
10.0M (77.4)

Saturday, May 9
a.m. 2:08 Road
20.0M (97.4)

Sunday, May 10
a.m. 66:30 Road
10.0M (107.4)

Total Miles Week:
Total Miles Year: 1430.4

Monday I got out on trails for the first time this spring. I took it pretty easy for a day after a marathon, but I forgot how tough an hour on trails can be. I'm sure it will just take some time to adjust, but I won't really get after that until post-Grandmas. For now it serves as a nice break here and there.

The legs were a little heavy post-marathon Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday I would say I was back and ready to hit the hard stuff again. I intended to do 8x1k, but after getting out at 3:00 for the first repeat, I could not find the correct pace (3:03-3:04). After #5, I had a feeling that attempting 8 repeats would be too much. Still this was an improvement over the workout I did three weeks ago (3:01 avg versus 3:03 avg). Try again next week I suppose.

I was initially happy with Friday's workout, but after reconsidering I came to the conclusion that I felt TOO good and should have backed off a bit on #2 and added a #3. I didn't feel like I was pushing it though, my legs just seemed to slip into the pace. Again, try again next week.

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