Sunday, April 12, 2009


Monday, April 6

Tuesday, April 7
p.m. 36:30 Road
5M (5)

Wednesday, April 8
a.m. 45 min Treadmill
6.3M (11.3)

p.m. 30 min Pool Running

Thursday, April 9
a.m. 45 min Treadmill
6.4M (17.7)

p.m. 47 min Road + 6xHill Sprints
7M (24.7)

Friday, April 10
a.m. 35 min Road
5M (29.7)

p.m. 70 min Road + 8xstrides
10.5M (40.2)

Saturday, April 11
a.m. 1:43 Road incl 3 x 1.4M Hill Climb
16.2M (56.4)

Sunday, April 12

Total Miles: 56.4

Even with the relative ease with which I ran the 50k, I had a little soreness the first couple days this week. Being a planned rest week, I had no problem taking a couple days off and a couple shorter days. By the end of the week I was feeling like new and well prepared going into the last 10 weeks of workouts for Grandmas.

The weather around here is changing just in time. We still have a good deal of snow, but the roads are clear which will allow for quality workouts. Katie and I are headed to Oxnard, CA Wednesday, so by the time we get back things should really be cleared out. While in CA I'm going to squeeze in a marathon-pace workout by running a 10M race up in Santa Barbara.

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