Sunday, March 29, 2009

Plugging Away


p.m. 67 min Road
10.1M (10.1)

a.m. 45 min Treadmill
6.5M (16.6)

p.m. 1hr 44 min Road (incl 4M@ 5:44)
16M (32.6)

a.m. 45 min Treadmill
6.5M (39.1)

p.m. 68 min Road
10.1M (49.2)

a.m. 30 min Treadmill
4.25M (53.5)

p.m. 60 min + 6xHill Sprints
9M (62.5)


a.m. Progression Run (6:00, 5:50, 5:40, 5:30, 5:20, 5:10)
12M (74.5)

a.m. 2hr 11 min Road incl 8M@5:53/mile
20.5M (95)

Total Miles: 95

I've been turning in solid, but not spectacular weeks so far. As long a I'm feeling healthy and improving I'll take it. Hopefully those spectacular weeks will be happening in June this time around.

Monday was an unplanned day off, but Sunday, with the Human Race a 1:20 p.m. start time I didn't get out of the Cities until 4:45. A seven hour drive plus losing an hour crossing the time zone put me back in Houghton just before 1 a.m. In the old days of my youth I would have had very little problem getting a run in the next day, but Monday I chose to sleep-in and I was dragging most of the rest of the day. I rationalized that it was better to take a day off in March rather than closer to the race. Today I turned a year older, so its only going to get worse.

This coming week I'm headed back to Madison for the Mad City 50k. Tim is going with a 50k this year because with the WC 100k in June there won't be a US 100k championship in the spring and a 50k is just easier logistically. My original plan was to go down there to get in a long run in warmer weather and hang out with Andy, but now it looks like I'm going to get weather only slightly better than here. Oh well, it will be good to have a positive experience on that course since next year WILL be the 100k champs (April 10). Positive mental imagery will be the name of the game.


Grant said...

Happy birthday, old friend!

Kurt said...

Mad City 50k. Nice have fun.

Gregg said...

Good looking week PR. Keep it up. Maybe see you the weekend you are thinking of coming to Duluth for the marathon course run.