Thursday, July 31, 2008

Olympic Viewing Schedule

I think this pretty much covers the broadcast schedule NBC network tv (KARE-11 in the metro) for track and field. There will probably be additional coverage online as well.

Friday 8/15 7p-11p Shot-M
11:30p-1a 10000m-W
Saturday 8/16 9a-5p Track
6:30p-11p Marathon-W, 100m-M
11:30p-1a 800m-W (semi)
Sunday 8/17 6p-11p 100m-W, Steeple-W
11:30p-1a 10000m-M, Triathalon-W
Monday 8/18 7p-11p 800m-W
11:30p-1a Triathalon-M
Tuesday 8/19 10a-1p Track
7p-11p 1500m-M
Wednesday 8/20 7p-11p 200m-M
Thursday 8/21 7p-11p 400m-M
Friday 8/22 7p-11p Deca-M
Saturday 8/23 6:30p-11p Marathon-M
Sunday 8/24 6-10:30p Closing Ceremony

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