Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vacation Is Hard/New Routes

June 16 - June 22 (2008)

Monday, 6/16

am: Run - 36:16
My first day of pseudo-vacation. I won't be going out of town, just moving our belongings from Minneapolis to St Paul. Its a whole whopping 1.5 miles away. That said I went into work with the intention of leaving by 10:00, but finally gave up and shoved off at noon to pick up our apartment keys and then drive to Eau Claire in order to exchange the Subaru for my parents Mazda truck. Some vacation.

I showed up at Lifetime planning on doing my usual 60 min on the elliptical, but decided to join the a.m. crew going for an easy 4-5 miles. It felt good for my legs after yesterdays 3+ hour run.

Oh yeah, its my wife's birthday. We celebrated by moving a dining room table and living room furniture. Feliz cumpleanos.

Tuesday, 6/17
am: Run - 1:20:17
pm: Run - 36:21
Run. Move. Run. Move some more. Collapse

Wednesday, 6/18
am: Run - 57:37 (20 min tempo run, 5:32, 5:31, 5:30)
pm: moving
Absolutely worn out from yesterday and the foolish notion that I could do 2xdays and move heavy furniture and boxes. I was a little sluggish going into the tempo run, but actually felt really good. I forgot to wear my HRM so I don't have that data to compare, but the cooldown felt pretty relaxed so I don't think I redlined it. Decided against an easy 5 miles in the p.m. because I just needed to accept that the move needs to get done first.

Thursday, 6/19
am: Run - 1:20:14 (HR avg 136)
pm: Still moving.
One of the nice things about moving, but also moving to someplace nearby is that I get to run familiar routes and explore new twists. Today I tracked a new route over roads that I didn't run as much when I lived across the river. I ran the paved trail from Hidden Falls Regional Park to Crosby Farm Park and then up Montreal Ave to Edgcumbe. From there I made my way north through Highland Park to Summit Ave, down to the River Road and back to Ford Parkway. I felt amazing today. The last mile of the run was 6:22 at an average HR of 141. That is starting to get back into the "fit" range for myself.

Friday, 6/20
am: Run - 1:19:21 (HR avg 139)
pm: Still moving?
I liked the route from yesterday so much that I decided to go for it again today.

Saturday, 6/21

am: Run - 1:54 (10M moderate +5M marathon pace +3M easy)

10M in 65:07 - HR avg 139

5M -5:42 (156), 5:40 (159), 5:45 (160), 5:38 (160), 5:35 (162)
The whole run went well. The first three miles were into the wind and the last two were with hit, hence the faster splits. I still felt in control however. Ran into Fargo Marathon runner-up Brian Anderson during my cooldown and had a nice chat.

Sunday, 6/15
am: Run - 69 min
Just a relaxed recovery run. I was feeling some of the effects from yesterdays workout + more moving. Hopefully we'll be done Monday. Then it will just be some cleaning left to do and I'll finally have some quality vacation time (i.e. run, eat, nap, Wii, nap, run, eat...) for a couple days.

Total miles for the week:

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