Monday, June 16, 2008

Float On

June 9 - June 15 (2008)

Monday, 6/9

After just an awful night of sleep (hot and humid) I decided against going for a run this morning. Afternoon didn't work either since I had a massage therapy appointment. Oh well.

Tuesday, 6/10
am: Run - 37:30
pm: Run - 5x1000m on 5 minutes (avg 3:18)
I had a range of intervals I hoped to finish (5-8) so long as I recovered to 120 bpm between reps. In fact I was basically at 120 after #5, but I decided to be conservative this go around. My stride felt really good and I started each interval strong, but I wasn't able to carry that strength through the whole interval. That will come with time I'm sure.

Wednesday, 6/11
am: Run - 37min
pm: Run - 1:31
Felt really loose this morning after last nights workout. I didn't notice very much sluggishness, just the usual morning stiffness that I seem to have no matter what. I almost had to run through another downpour during the evening run, but it held off and I stayed dry for the most part. I ended up keeping a pretty good pace.

Thursday, 6/12
am: Run - 37:30
pm: Run - 61 min + strides and leg drills
Since I've gone back to running twice per day this week I've been feeling a little better. My body seems to like the rhythm of two-a-days, within reason of course. That said, I was pretty sluggish today. It may be catching up with me. But at the same time there is a certain sensation that tells me I just need to go easy today and I'll feel better tomorrow.

Friday, 6/13
am: Run - 36 min
pm: Run - 11 mi w/ 7mi @ "marathon pace" (5:38-5:51, avg 162 bpm)
This workout went about as well as I could have expected given my lack of sharpness. It was a little windy today, but it didn't have too much of an effect on the run. Overall I felt pretty strong until the last mile which I ran relaxed, but slowed down to 5:51. I'm going to have to check my ego the first few weeks of this speed stuff, because its plainly obvious that I've got a long ways to go to get back where I was last year.

Saturday, 6/14
am: Run - 69 min
With a long, long run tomorrow I kept it short and relaxed today. Hard to tell how I felt today because it was hot and windy by the time I got out the door. Taking the conditions out of the equation I still feel like I was a little on the tired side after last nights tempo run and the easy day did me some good.

Sunday, 6/15
am: Run - 3:07 (28 miles, 9xLake Calhoun loop)
I got through 8 laps feeling good, but then started to wear down a little bit the last lap while maintaining the same pace (6:40/mi). I also was starting to have a little trouble absorbing the fluids I was drinking. I was thirsty and needed the sugar, but everything seemed to sit in my stomach - ala my first Ed Fitz where I threw up at 30k. I will definitely have to work that out because its impossible to run a good 100k without adequate fluid and calorie intake, no matter what kind of shape you're in.

Total miles for the week: 101 miles

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I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

sweet week! topping the century mark again with some speed, tempo and long ones in there. Good luck with the stomach processing...heat sucks! I'm guessing that played a role. Keep at it.