Monday, May 19, 2008

Up And Down

Monday, 5/12
am: Elliptical - 60 min
Planned cross-training day after the "long" run the previous day

Tuesday, 5/13
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 60 min
Pace was relatively quick and everything felt relatively good, so....relatively good run, I guess.

Wednesday, 5/14
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 60 min
A little sluggish as the past two days were a) my first back-to-back 60 min runs and b) first two-a-day workouts. Hamstring is fluctuating between really good and so-so.

Thursday, 5/15
Katie had to be at the airport by 7:30 to fly to Pullman, WA for a job interview. Also, I had a PT appointment in the afternoon, so I took a zero for the day. The zeros have been fewer and fewer as I felt better, so I don't stress about them as much.

Friday, 5/16
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 50 min
Hamstring is about the same, but I'll take it for now. The most encouraging sign is how I feel after my runs. Prior to taking the break I had lingering pain and stiffness after every run. Now I have very little stiffness and no real pain.

Saturday, 5/17
am: Run - 35 min + 5xhill sprints
Busy day. Katie's plane from Washington was to arrive at 5:45 a.m., but was delayed until 7:00. We then had to get showered, eat breakfast and hustle to her graduation ceremony at 10:00. She is now a Master. After that we had family over to grill out and celebrate.

Sunday, 5/18
am: Run - 1:45 (~15M)
No real weak spots in this run. Hamstring was about the same, maybe a little better than last week. Last mile was right around 6:00 with HR at 159 bpm. Hopefully in a couple weeks the HR will be somewhere in the 140's at that pace. Recovered to 110 bpm in :45 which is much improved over last week.

Total miles for the week: ~45

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