Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coming Together

May 19 - May 25 (2008)

Monday, 5/19

am: Elliptical - 60 min
Keeping my Mondays light for the time being.

Tuesday, 5/20
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 1:33
Felt really good coming off Monday.

Wednesday, 5/21
am: Run - 37:34
pm: Run - 36:55
First day with two runs. Didn't feel so hot during the day (tight), but once I started the p.m. run everything felt great.

Thursday, 5/22
am: REST
pm: Run - 1:36
Took the morning off. Ran home from work and met up with Katie who biked with me on the Ford Parkway/Lake St loop.

Friday, 5/23
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 60 min (incl 5xhill sprints)
Another good day. Pace felt more comfortable, dare I say "easy" for once.

Saturday, 5/24
am: Run - 1:56:35 (15.5 miles on trails)
My first foray at Afton this year. I was hoping to run under two hours for one loop of the race course. The hills were brutal steep, but somehow didn't see as long as before. The calves paid for it though. It actually got quite warm by the end of the run, so I truly got a taste of what the race would be like. Now I just need to manage another loop.

Sunday, 5/25
am: Run - 46 min
Recovery run as I aim to get my first 20mi run on Memorial Day.

Total miles for the week: 67


kurt decker said...

looks good PR. It was great to see you running long on Monday. Keep up the great work !!

SteveQ said...

I thought that was you at Afton! I should've said hi. Any chance you're doing the 50K at Afton this year, or is it still too early?

Patrick said...

Steve: I'm on the fence regarding Afton. I'll be training out there on Saturdays and see how I feel as the July 5 approaches. It felt good out there (relative to my fitness) Saturday. Were you the one that was going to do repeats up Nigel Hill? If so, you are a masochist.

phillip said...

Steve pointed out to me that you were parked next to my Black Mercury at Afton. Sorry I didn't know you, I would've liked to have done more than just say hello.

I wrote the Ultrarunning article on the Afton 2007 event and had fun researching how FEW others had broken the four hour bar as you had . . . and unlikely no one else had that kind of a hot weather day (although a 4th of July week race is likely to be toasty).

With the race being the UMTR Championship this year, I hope you are there. Heck, knowing the course, without unnecessary side trips, you're time is already five minutes faster than last year; and you havn't even climbed Scott's Revenge (what I termed the triple pump hill leading up to the campgrounds).

Best on the Trails,
Phillip Gary Smith