Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Every Mile Is Two In Winter

Mon 2/11: 9M 66:00
Tue 2/12: 17.5M 2:01
Wed 2/13: 9M 65:00
Thu 2/14: 16.5M 1:57
Fri 2/15: 8M - 59:00
Sat 2/16: 13M 1:33
Sun 2/17: 20M 2:19

Total Miles: 93M

A good week of running, but the 20M on Sunday emphasized that I'm not quite healthy yet. The surgical recovery is almost complete I would say. My groin was sore after the run, but I believe that had more to do with the mushy footing on the ground. The hamstring remains the "thing" at this point. I'm contemplating taking a few consecutive days off from running in the next week or so coinciding with some massage or physical therapy. I can feel the knot of muscle tissue right in the middle of my left hamstring. I just need find someone that can undo it. After that I think it will just be a matter of strengthening and stretching.

The options for spring races are getting pushed further and further out. I can all but guarantee I will not run Mad City. 20M at 7:00 pace was tough enough. I don't think in the next six-plus weeks I will be able to do 62M at the same pace. Ice Age 50M is still a possibility if things come together reasonably soon. I did come across a 100k race in July in Quebec. It has the IAU "Bronze" label so it is eligible for world ranking purposes and it falls within the USATF selection deadline for the 100k World Cup team. Normally doing a 100k in July would be unwise, but Quebec is pretty far north. The average high for Quebec City in July is around 70 degrees.

First things first: get healthy.

Congratulations to Kurt on his move to TC Running Company. It sounds like most of the old Runners Edge guys will follow him there. Three teams in three years isn't really ideal, but Kurt is the one that got us all together initially so we go where he goes, so to speak.


kurt decker said...

Thanks PR. I am looking foward to the new start at a first class running store. As all you old "edge guys" know I feel so lucky to have as friends and teammates. It is nice to see that we all feel the power of the group !!!

Keep at it with the rehab. You and I both know that there is a spot on that USA 100k team in you. I would say you have been doing everything just right so far and not feeling the need to rush it. Greatness is not built overnight, and what you have done and can do in our sport of ultrarunning is greatness. The rest of the the US has not felt the power of PR in full yet !!!

WynnMan said...

PR- much like you i am also trying to work back from an injury. keep patient and with your talent and work ethic it will all pay off at the 100km. that day and many more like it will come and i can't wait to see it. once those stars allign it will be great.