Sunday, December 02, 2007

Week of Nov 26 - Dec 2

Mon: (am) 30 min
(pm) 25 min + 30 min Elliptical + Weights
Tue: 40 min
Wed: 18 min
Thu: 45 min
Fri: *sniffle, sniffle* x sore throat
Sat: 65 min
Sun: 13 min + 45 min ellipitical + weights

Total Miles: 27
Long: 65 min/8M

For various reasons, I've decided to go with a little different format for the next few weeks. Posting has been sporadic at best recently. I've been busy and it will only get worse through January. Year-end work stuff coupled with a co-worker leaving December 10. Also there is that pesky Tax final on December 20. Secondably - my running hasn't been all that interesting.

But things are starting to turn around. The pace of my runs has increased ever so slightly at the same HR. 8:20's are now closer to 8:00's. I even did a stride-out mile during my "long" run on Saturday (7:28 with HR around 140). I did have HR data for all my runs, but I forgot to record them before clearing my watch. From memory I would say the avg for all my runs this week was 130-135 bpm.

Re: long run - it didn't start out that great. The HR was a little higher (due to cold recovery probably) and my surgical repairs were a little more sore than usual; albeit in a different spot. Since the surgery the pain has gradually subsided in that area, but I'm far from pain-free.

But, I can track some progress when sneezing. I'm at the point now where I have virtually no pain, at most "tightness". That is a real improvement from where I was pre-surgery. No more bracing myself. My groin was gradually getting more tight during the first couple weeks of running, but I've noticed quite a difference there as well.

For now I'm just focusing week-to-week until March. My general plan is to work up to 3-4 "long" runs per week with just an easy 30 min/5M or cross-training on the off days. As I was telling Andy, a long run right now is 6-8 miles, but by February I'm hoping it will be in the 18-22M range. So while this upcoming week looks like 3-6-3-8-3-10-CT, the goal is to reach a week like: 18-5-18-5-18-CT-22. Thats just a rough sketch, however, and a lot of it will depend on how my body holds up to an ever increasing workload. I think I've been very cautious so far though.


Gregg said...

Hey PR!
Nice to see you back at the Blog.

That's an interesting training schedule...where did you get the idea, or is it something you just created based on personal life schedules and/or experimentation?

Between all of our families "sicknesses" I am having trouble putting the day to day effort. I am hoping to kick this funk-train soon and get my ass going.


keith said...

Hey PR good to see you're getting back out running. I wish you well in your recovery.

Thanks again for the hill training tips for Feb. I'm already scouting out good hills to train on...Afton seems like a good bet.

I'm glad you're posting again. I enjoy reading your blog.

Patrick said...


I designed this plan based on a couple different conversations as well as necessity. I had a meeting with Barney Klecker a couple weeks ago. I showed him my running logs and the first thing he critiqued was the lack of mid-week long runs. Last year I had a lot of 10/10 doubles, but he was steadfast that you need to get out there and get 2+ hours in at least three times per week (during a base/off-season phase that is). He basically came up with that schedule for me.

Also I remember a few years back when Joey was training for the longer distances he used to do really long days (1-2 runs) followed by really short days. I seem to remember something 30 miles one day in two runs and 1/2 hour or so the next.

But the schedule works best for me because I can do sorely needed weight training, yoga, cross-training on the off days to keep up with the recovery from my surgery.

To me the plan just makes sense for an off-season/base plan (8-12 weeks). You could even do it during an early transition phase if you worked your workouts into the long runs, which theoretically shouldn't be a problem after doing all those "easy" long runs.

Food for thought.

Keith good luck with your running. Sounds like you're on the right track.

Paul DeWitt said...

Patrick - I just found your blog via Greg C's blog; nice reading about your recovery from surgery. A friend of mine up your way (you may know him; Kelly Mortenson) had that same surgery and the recovery dragged on longer than he expected but in the end was helpful. BTW, Kelly will be moving up to ultras this year and is one to watch.
- Paul