Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Recovery Zone

I apologize for not updating the readers of this blog (all three of you) with details of my surgical recovery. The fact is it has been a rather uneventful recovery so far.

I had my first post-surgical follow-up with Dr. Pierce last Monday. All is well he says. He gave me the go ahead to start running, but after a very informative conversation with Kristin Nicoline-Lemkuhle regarding her sports hernia surgeries, it seems wise to wait a couple more weeks. There is no rush to get back to running/racing seriously at this point so why take any chances.

I have been running alternate days in the pool at LTF for the past week. Two-plus weeks of almost complete inactivity must have take its toll because I was actually a little sore after Monday's bout. I'm surprised at how much of a "core" workout running in the pool is. Its a nice side benefit to getting the aerobic work in.

I'm not completely pain free yet. I'm still pretty tender in the surgical area, but I'm able to walk with a normal gait. I wouldn't even describe what I'm feeling as pain necessarily - more like extreme tightness. I've been pretty diligent about stretching my groin/hip area, but I could be doing more.

Three weeks in and it appears I'm right where I should be.

Good luck to all the Minnesota and Minnesota-related runners at this weekend's Olympic Marathon Trials - that would be Pete, Jason, Chris, Mike, Matt, Ryan, Chad, and Zach. That would be a nice list to be on, but que sera, sera.


drew said...

Well now I'm sure there are more than three readers out there, I rarley respond to blogs as they are usually not interactive in content. I find you sense of humor refreshing, as I am also in the midst of recovery. Wish you the best for a speedy one.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the recovery Pat, and i still look you up each and every day.

p.s.-tool is gonna get lit!

Mike said...

Good to hear from you again. You (hopefully) only have one chance to recover properly from hernia surgery, so why not be cautious?

Sorry you won't be on the line with your buds, but best of luck to them.