Thursday, October 04, 2007

Building Steam With A Grain A Salt

One week out from surgery things are looking okay, although the nerves are beginning to build. I had my pre-op physical yesterday and it made the whole thing very real. I've never had surgery before, and while I'm not freaking out, I am uneasy. Luckily I'll be under the whole time.

Started doing a little exercise the past week. I've been pool running and swimming most days. Today I got on an elliptical trainer for probably the second time in my life. It was awkward trying to get the timing and rhythm down, but I was able to get my heart rate up into the 130's and even 150 for a stretch, although that was more arm work than legs. Given the motion of the machine I was concerned that it may aggravate my hernia pain, but that was never really an issue. Next I hopped on the arm-cycle thingy for ten minutes and then lifted weights, mostly lower body. Improving my strength, especially in the hip and hamstring area (pathetic according to the PT), is my number one priority over the coming weeks (minus surgery recovery period). Aerobic work will be in the routine, but mostly just maintenance for now.

At the moment, not running is both refreshning and frustrating. My body is enjoying the break, as well as working some under-utilized areas. And mentally its been a good break as well, but for the first time in awhile I've be getting "itchy". TCM is in the news and the buildup for the Oly Trials seems to be starting further out this time around. Its hard not to get the adreneline pumping watching a Pete Gilmore workout on Flocasts or reading about the the other Trials contenders. I've just got to bottle it and use it next year.

Life has been busy otherwise. I'm trying to get things settled at work ahead of my surgery. Classes this semester are more involved, not to mention I'm taking two of them. That probably wasn't wise, but not running seriously helps with time management.

Its been so busy that I totally missed that Underworld has a new album coming out Oct 16. That is music (ha ha) to my ears. Its been almost four years since they put out their last album. They have a video for the first single here. Also music related, I've always liked LCD Soundsystem, but I've been dragging my feet on buying Sounds of Silver. I realized I had some Itunes gift card money left yesterday and finally took the plunge. Amazing from start to finish, with a highlight on "Get Innocuous". Some links for those who may be interested:

NPR performance and interview (On principle, I'm against public, read: government, funding for NPR, but its content like this that softens my protest).

Listen to a bit of Sounds of Silver (I also recommend clicking on "No I want to listen to: LCD Soundsystem" and take in a bit of "Daft Punk is Playing at my House".

Am I kicking myself for not realizing they were in St Paul this past weekend with Arcade Fire? Yes. Yes I am.

One more thing: 30 Rock tonight! Tax class damn!

Also: Yay!


Gregg said...

the beautiful thing about being "fit" going into a surgery is that the rehab process/recovery is so much easier and quicker. when you have nice muscular tissue, not fat, flabby stuff, the surgeons love it and so will you.
best of luck and if things go well at the homefront Kari, Lucas, and i will be down for the race. I think I will stand near the 25 mile mark, not sure yet.

WynnMan said...

I second Gregg's notion. Always easier to come back when fit in the first place. The pool can sometimes get old, but stick with it. Nice way to stretch the body.

keith said...

i wish you luck with the surgery and recovery.

Jay Anderson said...


Hope the surgery went well. I like (or identify with) a couple of comments you made about being too unconventional and the coaching thing, although your goal is about 2 hours less than mine. Good luck in 2008.