Monday, September 17, 2007

This Is How It Ends, Not With A Bang But A Whimper

AM: 7:36 :: 1M

Its time to be done for awhile. Lets hope I take what I learned in 2007 into 2008.


RS said...

I'm so sorry PR.

Running is a part of you, but you are much more than the sum of your parts.

WynnMan said...

Patrick, sorry to hear. These are often great learning experiences, something I learned greatly from last year in regards to my training this year. Some down time will also give you time to refresh, regroup, allow you to do things that may not have gotten around to during training. Keep a positive attitude, and always think about what you can do to get better and stronger as you recover.
You know all this.

keith said...

You'll be back and stronger than ever in '08. You obviously know what you're doing. Frustrating as it may be to have to back off for a while...I agree with Wynn about the resting and regrouping. It'll go quicker than you might think and will be a valuable experience for you.

Eric said...

This just turned into an emo blog! As Robert Smith would say, 'I'm so sad, I can hardly stand it.' Sorry to read about that last mile this morning.

No doubt you will be back quickly and tougher than ever. Good luck with the surgery, and, more importantly, the recovery.

P.S. Don't abandon the blog! Keep us up to date on your progress.