Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Feeling It Out

AM: 42:30 :: 6M

Headed out for an easy run this morning to see where I'm at after three days off. The first six steps: perfect. After that? Well, I wasn't expecting miracles. But my energy was good. The hamstring is feeling really good. The groin/ab pain, that I am begrudgingly referring to now as sports hernia, was about the same as its been, maybe a little better. The trouble I'm having (outside of all of the other troubles, right?) is in my butt. More specifically my left gluteus. Its sore and tight and sort of goes up into my lower back.

Not a bad run though. It felt good to be out there. I find it somewhat ironic, though, that the three days I decided to take off where probably the three coolest of the past month. I guess you can't choose when you need a break sometimes.

I had an appointment with my general practitioner today, basically to get a referral to Pierce, the new sports hernia guru, over at Fairview Southdale. I like my doctor. He seems to have a good understanding of the mentality of athletes and doesn't simply prescribe time off. He listened to what I had to say and seemed to come to the same conclusion after the examination. Thats a big help in these trying times (cue violin music).

Anywho, I'll see the specialist next week and see what he thinks. I'm in wait and see mode as far as fall plans. Right now this would be ideal: keep running with minimal workouts, work on stretching and strength, run my best at TCM, keep training with a focus on the JFK 50M and have surgery scheduled about a week after that. This is all based on the notion that I'll be able to stay healthy and motivated during this period.

On the home front, its nice not having class for awhile. I didn't have to go anywhere last night. Yee-haw. Katie was under the weather, which is no fun. Especially since we made the plunge and bought a Wii this weekend. Injury report: the right arm and shoulder are doing fine. Sore, but not disabling. Katie and I form a pretty fearsome doubles team in Wii Tennis. We're eagerly anticipating the release dates for Dance Dance Revolution (Sept) and Mario Kart (early 2008). For now we're happy with Wii Sports and Wii Play. More irony for you, if I am forced into a layoff, this is probably the one game system I shouldn't play since it requires actual physical movement. Cruel, cruel world. What am I going to do? Read? Pshht.

The recent trend of movies based on video games is getting ridiculous.

Someone likes Countdown a little too much.

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keith said...

I hope you feel 100% soon.