Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Perception vs. Reality

AM: 9M
PM: 8x1k; 2min E; 3M wm/cd :: 11M

Felt pretty rested this morning. I was a little worried this afternoon's workout would be a repeat of my last trip to the track. as far was weather was concerned anyway. However, a nice rain storm rolled through just as I was getting off work and by the time I had warmed up and was ready to go the conditions were near perfect:


It felt like I was at my limit almost the whole workout. I had only a couple moments where I felt good. The rest was just one long grind, but in a good way. Mentally I feel like I broke it down very well, just focusing on the task at hand, not worrying about the next repeat. The last one I was able to stretch my legs out on the last lap to finish well.

At the moment I was done with the workout I was a little disappointed it felt so hard. I had hit my pace and even exceeded it down the stretch, but somehow, in the back of mind, I expected it to feel easier. Looking at the times now, I'm much more content. Its been awhile since I touched on sustained speed like this so it will take some more time before 2:55-3:00 feels "easy". Its a start anyways.

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