Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Stuff

AM: 6M
PM: 1:11 :: 8M T+12sec; 2M wm/cd ::12M

Coming home from work/class tonight it was about 90 degrees and probably higher with the heat index. Since Katie is leading Orientation Training this week, keeping her at work until 10:00 each night, I figured I could just wait until 7-8:00 to run, banking on somewhat cooler temps.

I headed out the door at 7:30 and while the temp was still in the high 80's, the sun had receded a bit and a few clouds had moved in. It was about as good as I could expect.

I felt good on the warmup. I was sweating pretty good, but my legs felt strong. The workout was to be done at ~5:28/mile, but I allowed myself a few seconds for the heat. So anything under 5:35 would be considered alright. It broke down thusly:

2M E: 13:23
5:24 (43:26/Avg: 5:25)
2M+E 14:00

After mile 2 I thought I was dead in the water. I felt fried. However, seeing the mile 3 split and starting to feel somewhat better I was encouraged. From there on I either overestimated the effects of the heat or underestimated how good I was feeling. The pace was not incredibly strained. I was a puddle of sweat and a little lightheaded, but my legs were like pistons, especially climbing the Lake St/St Thomas hills (Although at the top of the hill I was gassed. Its a good thing I had the downhill there to recover).

Maybe I'm actually getting acclimated. Wouldn't that be nice?

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