Thursday, June 21, 2007

Half The Battle

AM: 1:32 :: 14M

Felt pretty good this morning, but the problem areas are still pretty sore. It remains a frustrating situation, because I feel so strong when I'm running. The nagging pains and aches really take away some of the enjoyment however.

Right now I'm in a precarious position because I was just offered a spot as an alternate on the US 100k team for the World Cup in September. I was hoping I wouldn't hear anything so I could just go on my merry way, training for Twin Cities. Now, who knows. I don't even know what being an alternate really means. I assume I could hear anytime, but I feel like there has to be some point where I say, it's just too late notice. I'm sure I can't find a reasonable airfare to Amsterdam a week out.

The situation is there are 4 people named to the team. Howard Nippert is a lock to make it to the starting line, given his dogged preparation. I'd bet Bob Sweeney will be there as well. The last two, however, could be considered questionable. Greg is running Western States 100 this Saturday, his first 100 mile race. Given his loaded (and highly successful) spring racing, he could decide that he isn't able to run another road 100k. My bet is he will make the trip, as he has set the lofty goal of "world ultra domination". Chad Ricklefs has been named to the US team three or four times in the past and has yet to actually run, either declining the spot or suffering injury.
So there you have it. No real answers there.

I guess I will just train for TCM as originally planned and depending on when/if I get called up to the majors I'll decide then. I'm sure to be lacking "long runs" if I do decide to run, but it could be an interesting experiment. Train specifically for a marathon and then run a 100km. The last half is all mental anyway. Mental and painful.


"Once it hits your lips its so good!"
Clint's finest work in my opinion.

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