Thursday, May 24, 2007


First things first, after last nights non-run I realized that I needed the day off that I should have taken Monday. Given that I've decided to follow the Daniels "Elite" plan as closely as possible, I have two more weeks to just run without worry of workouts besides the long run. I might bike this afternoon in order to mark the miles on the River Rd for the upcoming marathon/tempo efforts called for by Daniels. If its not raining that is.

Second, Gregg gave me encouragement to adopt a change in my routine: no more watch on easy runs. It probably won't work for every run, but it will definitely become the rule rather than the exception.

And finally, LOST. If I were a 14 year old girl I would be typing "OMG OMG OMG", but I'm not a 14 year old girl. Honest. Suffice it to say, the wait was worth it. Now, Katie and I weren't as dissatisfied with this past season as most. While we wanted answers to the Island's mysteries, we liked the character development that took place. Its our opinion that it makes the show enjoyable on a deeper level; we care more about the characters and understand their motivations better. Without that its just Grey's Anatomy (i.e. shit). Of course, that character development leads to some slower episodes that don't move the action along quite as much. However, it makes for a better show in the long run.

Buuuuttttt, tonight's episode was incredible. It answered some questions, but in typical LOST fashion brought up about 50 more. The flash-foward was an unexpected, kick ass twist. Questions/theories:

Jack's dad: dead or alive? We saw Christian Shepard in the morgue, but that's it. The island has healing powers right?
Who did Jack go to see at the funeral home? My money is on Locke, based on the not family or friend comment by Jack. Also Ben is a possibility.
Who does Kate have to get back to? It has to be Sawyer right?
Naomi/her people on the boat: good or bad? Maybe the Dharma Initiative back for a little revenge.
Walt, wtf? Somehow Walt is related to Jacob.
Is Mikhail really dead this time? Who the F knows.

Beyond that, Jack sure was pathetic in the flash-forward. So deperate to get back to the island that he is flying from L.A. to Sydney hoping the plane crashes? And I know he had to do it, but when Sawyer killed Mr. Friendly (Tom) I was a little sad. Even though he was an Other, he seemed like an alright guy. Also watching Charlie drown was depressing.

To ABC: don't advertise a show as being two hours if you're going to show a 60 minute show with 60 minutes of commercials. Jerks.

Summary of the episode
There is already a countdown to next season's premiere
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