Saturday, May 12, 2007

Damn Good Cup of Coffee

AM: 2+M wm; 13.1 race (1:09:34); 5M cd :: 20M

I really did not want to run a half-marathon today, but after all was said and done I'm glad I did. For some reason I can run a 1:09-1:10 marathon no matter what time of year it is or what overall shape I'm in. I have some sort of comfort zone running 5:20s (now if I can just carry it for another half this fall...)

The plan going into the race was to run 5:30-5:40s, help the team out, and avoid injury. Sometimes I wonder why I even come up with these plans. A month ago I wasn't going to run a race or workout until Brian Kraft. So far I've done hill sprints, long hill runs, a 10k and a half-marathon (the races weren't all out, but still). Anyway, I found myself feeling very good this morning, sort of. That is the frustrating thing about the hamstring. Its not so serious that I think I should take time off, but it never really gets much better. So my lungs and heart feel like they are ready to roll, but running is still a bit uncomfortable at times.

But I digress...I followed the lead group from the start. I really was feeling good. As a team we thought if we got out of the race with a 2nd place we would be happy. Not that we take the team circuit too seriously, but it is always nice to win if people are healthy and able to run. The 'Others' looked like they had a strong group running, but maybe not looking to run an all out 13.1M since they didn't follow the early pace. So we had three guys in the lead group along with two Run n Fun guys and a couple other strong runners. Before the race I told myself that I was just going to do what I needed to do for us to have a decent showing, but now that I was out there and feeling pretty strong I thought why not run for the win or a higher place. As long as I'm not digging myself too deep a hole that is. Well, winning wasn't really an option today because Pete was relentless. After the race he said something to the effect "I was just uncomfortable running those 5:20-5:25s. Once I started running 5:12-5:13 I felt better." Asshole.

I hadn't run New Prague in a couple years and this was a newer, more hilly course. Pete's surges broke up the group around 4 miles. Another runner followed him and Metcalf and I hung out together the rest of the race. The runner in front of us, Josh Schoen, looked good through 10M but then his form visibly went to shit and looked like he was struggling some. Alas, at the time he was maybe 30 seconds up on us and while we tried to reel him in, he had enough to hold on for second. Metz and I finished a few seconds apart in 3rd and 4th (results). I was not expecting mid-1:09s today and I find it very encouraging. It is goal number one to get this hamstring worked on by a professional in the next week or so and my hope is that, along with religious icing and stretching will free up my gait a little bit.

Off running for the second day in a row, LOST has really been getting good lately and Katie and I are loving it. The news that the show is guaranteed through 2010 is particularly exciting since we are sure to get a lot of answers. I was thinking of this during the race today, whatever happened to the whole thing about Jack and Claire being half-siblings? That haven't touched on that in awhile.

Any-who, talk of LOST brought up discussion of a show of similar taste, Twin Peaks. Unfortunately, ABC wasn't so patient with David Lynch and cut the show off prematurely. The best/worst part was Lynch's F-you cliffhanger ending. A few years ago I came across the complete set of shows on VHS in a used book/video store. That was a good day. I've gone through the whole season only once, but I feel like another marathon viewing session is in order, Katie be warned.

I'm always moved by the opening credits. I don't know why.
How it all started
Cooper and Tibet
David Lynch cameos


Prague Guide said...

Live video stream of Prague Marathon 2007 on-line broadcasting

Loomdog said...

Nice work! Gotta feel good to drop a sub 70 min half anytime you want. Its going to take me 2+ years of solid hard work and improvement to get to that level...if I ever do. 1:06 by September is in there.

Chad said...

Nice job Pat. Those 5:20s felt hard to me too, so I slowed down to 6:20s.

Mike said...

Good crap man, I just found this! I Well done on the race, it's great that you were able to deliver on demand for the team.