Sunday, April 29, 2007

Trail Run

AM: 1:47 :: 15M (trails)

I joined Kurt down on the River Bottoms this morning for a nice run on soft surface. The weather really couldn't have been better. It reminded of those days in Duluth were I would run loop after loop in Chester Bowl or Lester Park feeling relaxed and unconcerned with pace. I wasn't exactly fresh today, but my stride felt better after doing the race yesterday.

I dig rock n roll music
Andy Mckee? Yeah, I guess he can play the guitar alright.
North Mississippi Allstars: Sober man's Phish.
The original: a classic
The parody: a classic in its own right
If anyone knows where I can download this version of the song please let me know.

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Eric said...

Andy McKee is amazing. What is nearly as amazing is how many people there are out there who can play his music at a level 70-80% as clean and well-controlled as he does. I looked at three videos from non-Andys, and they were all pretty damn good. And those were just the guys that made videos of themselves and posted on YouTube.

There must be dozens of guys out there with that level of skill (I'm sure there's a Drake Equation for unbelieveable guitar skills), which is unreal. I remember watching Billy McLaughlin play and thinking that what he was doing was impossible. I was naive.

I enjoyed the Belushi/Cocker links as well. Joe has a hell of a sense of humor.