Friday, April 06, 2007

Final Prepartions

AM: 26 min :: 4M

The next time I run I do will be 62M. Its a little hard to grasp, so I just say 10x10k. Its like intervals see! Katie and I got a little bit of a late start, but we got down here about mid-afternoon and hung out with Andy and Robin. They gave us the insiders tour of Madison. UW is huge! It just seems bigger than the UofM, even though their roughly the same enrollment. I forgot how big Camp Randall is. I'll be interested to see how the new Gopher stadium compares. We had some dinner at Noodles and then went to the pre-race briefing. Everything is in order. 6:30 is going to feel early. And cold by the looks of it.

Wisconsin State Journal article on the race
Running USA preview
Race Webcast

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