Monday, March 19, 2007

Id versus Ego

AM/PM: 2:53 :: 28M (last mile 5:45 into the wind)

Is there something wrong with me if I think 28M is slacking for a long run? Somehow I've gotten it in my head that if I don't run more than 3 hours or 30 miles it doesn't qualify as a long run. Upon reflection I have to ask myself, "What?" I suppose somewhere along the line as I've been training for the ultra distance races I lost some perspective.

Its a confidence thing. Or lack thereof. I have this subconscious desire to cram in as many long runs as possible because, quite frankly, I'm a little scared of the 100k. It hurts so much the last half. I can't say I finished well in any of them. So I aim to keep running these long runs (or my perverted notion of what qualifies as a long run) in hopes that somehow I'll make the 100k hurt less. But consciously I know that it will hurt regardless. It just does. Pain is an ultra's raison d'etre, so to speak. Its kind of like this without the spiritual enlightenment.

Anyway, that was the battle that played out in my mind during the run today. Luckily (?) for me it was windy as hell, making the decision to stick to the plan a little easier.

I had some good fatigue going into the run courtesy of the race yesterday. So to average 6:10s on a windy day after a race is what I call a good workout, all things considered.

Onward and upward.

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WynnMan said...

Hey Patrick, great job on the race, you seem primed for the big kahuna on the 7th.

I was thinking along the same lines as you were today regarding the "long run" and all of its properties. I've been doing anywhere from 20-30 mile long runs and son 40miler a few weeks back holding a 6:50- 7:15 pace. However I seem to get more benefit from doing 2-3 solid 10mile lung busters a week. Karl Meltzer told me that he does 65 a week and very little long running. Where others do back2back long runs. I know my body could not do 4-6hr runs every weekend as that would result in either injury or slow turnover.

Just curious what your thoughts are?
have a good one~

Patrick said...

Or there is Matt Carpenter who I think I read didn't go over 30M training for his record run at Leadville. I know its not a very sexy answer, but I think its individual. Jurek and Nikki Kimball are both signed up for the US 100k champs and Miwok a month later. I hope to be running 62 miles a week by the time Miwok rolls around, not all in one run.