Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brain Drain

PM: 1:38:00 :: 15M

Another day of sleeping in. As long as I'm getting my run in I don't worry too much, but I do like to be on a regular schedule. One complicating factor: I need to study for the GRE. It is looming on Saturday. I've done a bit of studying already, but I still need to formulate my plan of attack for the writing section, review some of the questions used in the past, etc etc. I'm a little worried. Running 15 miles on the treadmill instead of studying didn't do anything to alleviate my doubts.

This girl could probably ace the GRE right now, but she better tone down her celebration for ETS.
Another person a lot smarter than me (I've done two side before. Is that good?).

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